I cook with the alphabet.

I provide ideas - and the words which convey them - for museums and visitor centres, corporate clients, ad agencies and production houses. Everything from print ads and commercials to videos, interactives, websites, environments.

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Some CV's:
"Jeremy Press is a copywriter and creative director who has worked with Garry Emery on a wide range of projects since the early 1980's: most notably the launch advertising campaign for Right Management Consultants (then Davidson & Axmith) in 1983; a campaign that, constantly updated but substantially consistent, continues to this day.

"Jeremy was a founding partner of Luscombe and Partners and Creative Director of DDB with responsibility for Telstra, Cadbury-Schweppes, The Age, Channel 9, Heinz, A V Jennings and more. His recent work with Garry Emery Design includes major developments in Melbourne's CBD, Docklands and in Queensland.

"He is a past-President (twice) of the Melbourne Advertising & Design Club, has been a guest lecturer at Monash, Swinburne and RMIT Universities and is the recipient of many major Australian and international awards."
"Jeremy Press has worked in some of the most senior creative positions in Melbourne and international advertising while at the same time working on film and video and on environmental campaigns for everything from the Franklin to the Daintree to Kakadu to Urquart's Bluff.

"Something had to give.

"What you're left with is someone who knows how to create an idea that lingers but who is no longer awfully good at the intrigues of agency-land.

"His work tends to be humorous, tends to grow out of the human condition.

"He's still doing some advertising but, mostly, is now writing museums, corporate and training videos, interactive CD-rom, web pages and (unpaid) for stage and screen.

"He has awards for everything, from everywhere."
"Since the early 1980's, has written corporate, training and documentary film and video for The Pod, AAV Australia, The Film House, Photomation, Australian Business Theatre (abt) and more; clients ranging from Telstra to Film Victoria. Subjects including the future of telecommunications, pig farming, how to sand your floors, staying out of prison. Penguin, ATOM, Mobius and Silver Screen (US) awards. Conceived, researched and wrote the Max Gillies series of training videos distributed worldwide by the makers of the John Cleese training videos." Jeremy Press
39 High Street,
Victoria 3181

03 9510 3620